Clinical supervision

Clinical supervision sessions with Your Wellbeing

The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) requires all therapists to receive a minimum of 90 minutes of supervision per month – Your Wellbeing can help.

We offer professional clinical supervision for both individual trainee and qualified counsellors, in a safe, supportive environment.

Our supervisor Jane will work closely with you to build a trusting relationship that supports, challenges and nurtures. Our aim is to develop your confidence and knowledge as a therapist, and your ability to provide effective and ethical counselling for clients.

Why is clinical supervision important?

There are many reasons why clinical supervision is important.  

It can help you:

  • stay up to date with the latest research and treatment approaches
  • increase your skills in working with people with specific difficulties
  • adhere to ethical principles

It can also provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your therapeutic work and gain feedback from a more experienced professional.

Supervision can enhance your clinical practice and highlight areas of growth to support you to reach your fullest potential.

What clinical supervision involves

There are a variety of models of supervision in use today. One of the most common is Hawkins and Shohet’s Seven-Eyed Model, which is the core model Jane uses when offering supervision.

However, her supervision approach is flexible, tailored to your needs and preferences as a trainee or practising counsellor. This flexible and relational style allows our supervisor to adapt and work with a variety of modalities and counselling practitioner styles.

Working with trauma

To support your work with clients who have experienced trauma, your supervision can focus on specific interventions, such as the internal family systems approach and regulating the nervous system with polyvagal theory. 

Your supervisor

Our lead counsellor, Jane, will deliver your clinical supervision sessions.

Jane is a BACP accredited trauma-informed integrative therapist, couples’ counsellor, clinical supervisor and mental health trainer. She promotes a relational approach to counselling, building a non-judgemental and compassionate relationship with those she works with.

Jane is also a group supervisor for a local charity that offers low-cost therapy to women in the borough of Kingston. 

She supports trainee therapists to provide counselling to women struggling with different issues, including:

  • abuse
  • anxiety
  • chronic health conditions
  • depression
  • fertility problems
  • menopause
  • pregnancy challenges
  • relationship difficulties
  • stress
  • trauma
Learn more about Jane’s background.

How much does it cost?

Clinical supervision fees for trainee and qualified therapists:

  • 1 hour – £60
  • 90 Minutes – £75

Where will the clinical supervision sessions take place?

We can see you in person at our counselling room in Surbiton, or we offer remote sessions, delivered online – whatever works best for you.

Ready to book?

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