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The thought of starting therapy might feel daunting and out of your comfort zone. You might also be confused about the different types of talking therapies and wonder where to begin.

You’ve come to the right place. Whatever mental health and emotional challenges you’re going through, we can help.

We offer a safe, confidential, and inclusive space to talk about your worries, either individually or as a couple.

How we’ll work with you

The first step is a free 20-minute introductory phone call where we’ll discuss your unique needs and what you want to get out of therapy.

Next, we’ll get to know you, tailoring sessions to suit you and the challenges you want to explore. 

We’ll draw on a variety of therapy approaches in order to build a strong and trusting connection with you. We’ll always treat you with kindness, respect, compassion and warmth throughout the process.

We can see you in person at our counselling room in Surbiton, or we offer remote appointments, online or over the phone – whatever works best for you.


Ready to get started?

Contact our lead therapist, Jane, to arrange your free initial discussion

Therapy services we offer

Visit each individual page for full details and pricing for each service.

Individual counselling

Whatever is troubling you – from low mood, grief, or feeling overwhelmed, to childhood trauma, abuse, or relationship difficulties – we are trained to listen and will support you. Find out more about individual counselling.

Individual counselling

Couples counselling

We can help couples improve communication, moving from painful conflict to a more healing connection. Couples therapy can provide the tools for individuals to learn how to express themselves, place boundaries and create a healthier relationship. Find out more about couples counselling.

Couples counselling

Trauma counselling

We offer the Rewind Technique, a type of therapy to alleviate flashbacks and traumatic memory triggers associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a non-disclosure therapy, offering minimal risk to the client of being re-traumatised. Find out more about trauma counselling.

Trauma counselling

Clinical supervision

Our supervisor provides professional clinical supervision to individual trainee and qualified counsellors. There are many benefits, from helping therapists stay up to date with the latest research and treatment approaches, to maintaining adherence to ethical principles. Find out more about clinical supervision.

Clinical supervision

Our counselling team

We believe therapy is a partnership. To get the best out of counselling, it’s vital you work with someone you trust and feel safe with. 

Our lead counsellor, Jane, is a trauma-informed integrative therapist, clinical supervisor, mental health trainer and wellbeing advisor. She promotes a relational approach to counselling, building a non-judgemental and compassionate relationship with those she works with.

Learn more about our therapy team

Any questions?

Contact Jane to arrange your free initial discussion, or for further advice about any of our counselling services.

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